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Looking for an easy way to spread the word AND make a difference? Check out gifts and materials that support our life-giving mission! http://bit.ly/gXn5hX

‎2,960 servings of immune support has been sent to life-giving partner Alto Refugio in Paraguay for children in need! November 22th at 01:46pm

Before you unwrap a pair of socks or fruitcake this holiday season, give the gift of nutrition to a child in need! http://bit.ly/bdVunc November 22th at 01:46pm

Devastating fact: 1/3 to 1/2 of all childhood deaths in the world are linked to malnutrition. $0.16 a day can help - www.mannarelief.org November 22th at 01:46pm

More than 7,800 servings of nutrient support is on its way to children in Haiti! November 22th at 01:46pm


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Rebecca Thredgold

Rebecca Thredgold: Thankyou to Mannarelief and all the supporters of this charity for making the stand to make a difference in the lives of starving children.

April 23th at 06:12pm
Olga Iris Killian-Delgado

Olga Iris Killian-Delgado: My daughter has Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia and this nutrition has helped her tremendously. Thank you Mannatech.

April 22th at 10:14am
Karen Linde

Karen Linde: Thank you again MannaRelief and GOL. This is already beginning to help children in Mexico in the Mustard Seed Program B967. Our goal is 85 children sponsored for a year and although the site does not show it yet, 5 are covered for a year! Check the site for the most encouraging parent reports coming from an area so incredibly needy. Praise God for what is happening here.

April 15th at 11:10pm
Sherry Elkins

Sherry Elkins: Recent News Update I received from Elisha Children Home in Thailand, MannaRelief Orphanage B-917.

"Dear our friends and sponsors, Thank you you all for everything you have given Elisha Children Home. Wish you the happiness and prosperity in your life and work. About us, it rains everyday here in Nongbualumbhu. As we are entering the season of rice farming, the weather has changed from extreme hot to a colder one. However, all the children are healthy and have no major health problems. Actually, they seems heathier than before. Thank you to our American sponsors who donate vitamin tablets for the children." Be sure to access more photos of the children under profile photos. Trusting in Him, Sherry Elkins

April 11th at 12:01pm
Sherry Elkins

Sherry Elkins: Hello All....I have found someone traveling to Thailand willing to take the next shipment of products to Elisha Children Home MannaRelief orphanage
#B-917. They depart on May 11...I am trying to complete funding for the products. Requesting your help by making a donation to MannaRelief, designating your contribution for Orphanage B-917. God Bless, Sherry

April 11th at 10:53am
Stanciu Valentin

Stanciu Valentin: this weekend i also done my part on helping kids

April 06th at 11:11am
Eric Youle

Eric Youle: Hi wondering if its possible to get an update om the Haiti program. What the situation is now, how the existing program children fared, etc.

March 28th at 05:56am
Jennifer Allen

Jennifer Allen: It is such a privilege and honor to be apart of an amazing God-given vision! I'm so excited!

March 25th at 01:58pm
Isleen Rodriguez

Isleen Rodriguez: I like these new themes for my profile page. Change is good!

March 25th at 12:49pm
Seth Thorpe

Seth Thorpe: Im soo excited to be apart of what MannaRelief is doing for the world. This is awesome!

March 21th at 09:25pm
Pat MacNeil

Pat MacNeil: I now have a big enough why...and the vehicule to make it happen. I'm going to start with a modest goal of finding 100 people in 2010 who want to make a difference, by sponsoring one child , each, for a year.

March 21th at 07:40am

: I have been supporting babies in orphanage in Kenya through Australian arm of Mannarelief

March 21th at 05:17am

: This is a wonderful and tremendously important charity, and I am eager to see what this technology will do for it.

March 20th at 07:38pm

: Verlie and I have been honoured to be part of MannaRelief in Australsia

March 20th at 01:17pm
Don & Yvonne Goodmanson

Don & Yvonne Goodmanson: This is just the beginning of God's outpouring for His precious children.

March 20th at 08:43am
Chris Gregory

Chris Gregory: This is an amazing company with amazing products brought into being by an amazing God through His amazing servants, Sam & Linda Caster. God is in control and he is in the restoration business. Watch out cruel world, this company under God is taking back the territory stolen by the evil one, and using all the technology available.

March 19th at 10:03pm
Judy Abbott

Judy Abbott: totally awesome night, god is restoring HIS company!!!!!

March 19th at 09:02pm
Paul Walker

Paul Walker: Glad to be a supporter of such a great and worthwhile cause. My goal is to attract 1,000 others to do their part. I challenge anyone to try to outdo me.

March 19th at 08:31pm
Yoshihiro Horita

Yoshihiro Horita: This is AWSOME!!

March 19th at 07:46pm
Jared Walker

Jared Walker: Honored to be the first to comment on the MannaRelief page! =D

March 05th at 07:13pm
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